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ACI's AML & OFAC Compliance for the Insurance Industry

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - Thursday, January 24, 2013

06:00 AM BST - 06:00 AM BST

"Avoiding Costly Sanctions and Ensuring Compliance in an Era of Heightened Scrutiny and Enhanced Regulatory and Enforcement Initiatives"

Building on the incredible success of the first two events and in response to demand from the market, American Conference Institute has developed the 3rd Annual Forum on AML and OFAC Compliance for the Insurance Industry specifically to address the unique challenges facing insurance and reinsurance companies. AML/OFAC compliance experts from industry leaders, and experienced outside counsel will provide you with best practices and proven strategies for:

  • Evaluating your current AML and OFAC programs and identifying potential pitfalls, areas of concern, and compliance gaps

  • Striking the appropriate balance between increasing efficiency while maintaining the integrity of your compliance programs

  • Conducting accurate and effective AML risk assessments and implementing appropriate controls in response to an AML risk assessment

  • SARs, KYC protocols, CIPs, and information sharing: Reporting potential laundering activity and overcoming the challenges of identification, including cases involving potential elder exploitation

Paul Hastings partner Behnam Dayanim is a featured panelist on Day One at 2:40 pm to discuss "Conducting Effective Internal Investigations into Potential Money Laundering, Fraud, Sanctions Violations, or FCPA Violations."

  • Assessing when an investigation is necessary

  • Determining who should conduct the investigation

  • Evaluating the type of investigation that meets your needs

  • Conducting an internal investigation

  • Evaluating and assessing the overlaps between fraud investigations and money laundering investigations

  • Minimizing risks to the company when conducting an investigation

  • Preserving documentary and computer evidence

  • How attorney-client privilege and the work product doctrine apply

  • Implementing changes based on investigation findings

  • Who to notify about findings and when to notify them

For additional information and to register, visit the ACI website here.

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