ALI-ABA Commercial Real Estate Financing: Strategies for Changing Markets and Uncertain Times

Friday, January 16, 2009 - Sunday, January 18, 2009

06:00 AM BST - 06:00 AM BST

This comprehensive program co-chaired by Andrea M. Mattei provides you with up-to-date information on the new rescue plan legislation, the state of the markets, the latest international efforts to assist in the credit crunch, and on the current responses of the government and lending community.

Today's real estate market may be in peril, but the demand for attorneys who can handle sophisticated projects is still strong. If you want to polish your skills to handle those projects, this is the course for you. It features:

  • Instruction by the nations most distinguished and respected practitioners in this field

  • Timely topics, including defaults, workouts, and bankruptcy issues

  • Strategies for dealing with lenders and borrowers

  • Strategies for dealing with distressed properties

  • Negotiation techniques to meet the demands of lenders

  • Tips for document adjustments

  • Practice pointers on avoiding pitfalls in todays market

  • In-depth interactive discussions of the issues with perspective from lenders, borrowers, and developers

  • Forms and agreements used by faculty members in their practices

This annual advanced course of study, comprising 16 hours of instruction, provides an in-depth examination of various aspects of real estate financing, with commentary about future trends. It emphasizes the drafting and negotiating of loan documentation for new loans in light of the lessons learned from prior business cycles as applied to current market conditions. The course reviews the latest real estate financing techniques, including the new forms of secondary lending, and applies them to the financing environment of today. The course places special emphasis on workout techniques in the present environment.

Time is reserved throughout the program to address written questions submitted by the registrants.

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