Asian Century Forum: Maximizing Investment Opportunities and Strategic Partnerships

Thursday, March 24 05:00 AM BST to 05:00 AM BST

Co-hosted by Paul Hastings and the Financial Times, the Asian Century Forum will bring together senior executives and General Counsels from leading multinational organizations in the U.S. and Asia, as well as high-profile economic strategists and leading legal experts. During this half-day, invitation-only event, we will explore inbound and outbound business opportunities in one of the worlds most dynamic economic environments.

A calculated strategy to penetrate the growing markets in Asia is critical. Likewise, businesses in Asia face distinct challenges of their own when seeking investment opportunities internationally. We will examine:

  • How the evolving regulatory environment in Asia and the U.S. will impact investor behavior

  • What sectors are emerging as the frontrunners in Asia, and what the investing environment will look like longer term

  • What Asian investors want in terms of outbound investment, and how successful they have been

  • What opportunities lie ahead and the trends that are shaping the global marketplaceWe will also host interactive discussions on investment opportunities, regulatory challenges, and trends in specific industries including real estate, healthcare, technology, and energy.

This is an invitation-only event. For questions, please contact Olivia Ayala at oliviaayala@paulhastings.com or 1.213.683.5659.

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