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BNA's Litigation Risk Management Series: International Antitrust and Competition Hot Buttons -- Important Developments from 2011 and Projections for 2012

Wednesday, February 29 06:00 AM GMT to 06:00 AM GMT

Antitrust and global competition practice experts will review antitrust law developments from around the world that companies need to know from 2011 and highlight key considerations for 2012 in the antitrust areas of merger control, cartel enforcement and private litigation.

The panel will address the following:• Government Enforcement - U.S. Agency trends and developments• Cartel Enforcement - The U.S. Year in Review• Private Litigation - The year's highlights and watchlist

Department of Justice Antitrust Division cartel enforcers collected more than $1 billion in criminal fines and restitution penalties last year, primarily from multi-national companies. The Antitrust Division also suffered some setbacks in its cartel enforcement efforts. Paul Hastings partner and former Assistant United States Attorney Kirby Behre will review 2011's banner developments and forecast cartel enforcement for 2012.

Last year the Antitrust Division faced down AT&T's $39 billion attempt to acquire T-Mobile and went to court to block a merger for the first time since Oracle-Peoplesoft in 2004, successfully obtaining an injunction for the first time in decades. Paul Hastings partner and former U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division Trial Attorney C. Scott Hataway will review the merger control resurgence from 2011 and discuss the merger review climate for 2012.

Finally, 2011 saw continued controversial expansion of U.S. antitrust laws to foreign conduct in private sector disputes in the United States. Paul Hastings Anitrust and International Competition Practice Group Chair Michael Cohen will review these and other litigation developments to watch from 2011 and 2012.

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