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Business Ethics and Anti-Corruption Compliance

Friday, October 19, 2012 - Wednesday, October 24, 2012

04:00 AM BST - 04:00 AM BST

Wolters Kluwer China presents "Business Ethics and Anti-Corruption Compliance," an examination of corruption risks in your M&A and JV deals.

Discussion topics include:1.    Managing Anti-Corruption Compliance in Mergers and Acquisitions and Joint VenturesThe high degree of government involvement in the Chinese domestic economy, combined with statutory requirements that condition market entry upon partnering with domestic businesses, mean that multinational companies frequently find themselves working hand in hand with state-owned and other local partners.  This part of the session will address practical considerations for handling compliance issues that arise in connection with:• partner selection,• program design,• integration,• training,• monitoring, and• fostering a shared culture of business ethics.In the process, it will offer a risk-based approach to compliance risk management in the context of mergers and acquisitions as well as address how compliance issues impact valuation.

2.    FCPA Case ReviewThis session will examine recent FCPA actions involving China and translate lessons learned into practical actions for multinational companies operating in the market.  Recent enforcement trends will serve as diagnostic tools to help foreign invested enterprises assess the health of their current compliance program and target areas for improvement. The discussion will explore PRC-based enforcement actions arising from due diligence procedures, government relations and oversight of third parties, highlighting the sectors that are currently the focus of industry-wide sweeps.  It will also examine how companies with robust compliance policies have been able to isolate FCPA-related risks and avoid liability.

3.  Review Your Anti-Corruption Compliance Program from The Finance and Audit Side• Identifying and analyzing relevant electronic communications• How to perform compliance audits of third parties• monitor accounting records of your distributors that have various sets of books• How to account for activities such as donation, conference, charity, rebates• How to use internal audits to detect and monitor the process to verify employee expenses, reimbursement approvals and fake fapiaos

Paul Hastings attorneys Ananda Martin and Henry Li are featured panelists for these Beijing and Shanghai seminars. For additional information, contact Sally.ding@cchchina.com.cn.

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