CFTC Cryptocurrency Regulation: What's Next?

Tuesday, November 17 12:00 PM EDT to 1:00 PM EDT


The CFTC considers cryptocurrencies to be exempt commodities subject to the Commodities Exchange Act, and has recently flexed its regulatory muscle to pursue a number of market participants for offering or engaging in cryptocurrency transactions without registering with the CFTC. The CFTC has also joined other regulators to focus on violations of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and AML issues stemming from both digital assets and other regulated products.

Join us for a discussion with Paul Hastings specialists in derivatives, FinTech, and BSA/AML law and CFTC enforcement regarding:

  • The CFTC's recent cryptocurrency enforcement initiatives;

  • What we can expect to see going forward;

  • Related BSA/AML developments;


  • How registrants and other market participants can best position themselves to evaluate their product offerings and determine whether they are subject to the CFTC's jurisdiction, whether they need to register with the CFTC, and whether they have sufficient processes and systems in place to detect and remediate BSA/AML issues.

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