Hosted Event

Conference on Autism in Association with TEDyBEAR Centre

Wednesday, March 04 09:00 AM BST to 10:00 AM BST

The Paul Hastings Paris office is proud to host a conference on March 4th to promote TEDyBEAR Center, an innovative autism treatment center for children from 4 to 10 years old. The event will take place at the “Auditorium” of the Paris office and will be followed by a networking breakfast.

TEDyBEAR has been recognized by French Health Authority (FHA) as the first private medico social center in the Paris area and all TEDyBEAR’s practices are in lined with the FHA’s recommendations (http://www.centretedybear.com/).

TEDyBEAR proposes to bring children with autism to autonomy and prepares them for school integration. Its therapeutic programs take into consideration the needs of families and are tailored to each child. Its multidisciplinary methods are based on developmental technics, any drug  or other invasive process being excluded.

Corporate partner Aline Poncelet and the attorneys of the Paris office have supported TEDyBEAR from its inception, including its formation and fund-raising. The firm is dedicated to raising public awareness about autism.

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