5th Annual GW Law Post-Grant Roundtable

Please save the afternoon of Thursday, September 12th, 2019, for our 5th Annual GW Law Post-Grant Roundtable event, where patent leaders from academia, industry, and government will discuss the post-grant practice at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) and how post-grant proceedings continue to change the practice of patent law.

Topics Include:

  • Statistics and Trends in AIA Post-Grant Proceedings
  • Real Parties in Interest and Privies
  • Public Availability of Prior Art
  • Multiple Petitions and Discretionary Denials
  • Motions to Amend
  • Update to Trial Practice Guide
    • Remand Practice
    • Protective Orders
    • Discovery
  • Precedential Opinions, the POP, What Deference Should Be Given to POP Decisions and Agency Rule Making
  • Fed. Cir. and S. Ct. Review at the PTAB (Click-to-Call)
  • Guidance on 101 – Interplay Between the S. Ct., Alice, and Fed. Courts and PTO
  • Legislative Activity
  • Suggestions For Improving Post-Grant Process
  • The Road Ahead

Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • The Honorable Scott R. Boalick, USPTO (pending approval)
  • The Honorable Jackie Bonilla, USPTO (pending approval)
  • The Honorable Paul Michel, U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals (retired)
  • Erika Arner, Finnegan
  • Srikala Atluri, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Lori Gordon, King & Spalding
  • Kevin Laurence, Laurence & Phillips
  • Steven Lieberman, Rothwell & Figg
  • Naveen Modi, Paul Hastings
  • Lissi Mojica, Answers IP
  • Karin Norton, Samsung
  • Kimberly Schmitt, Intel
  • Ami Shah, Fortress Investment Group
  • Jamie Simpson, U.S. House of Representatives
  • Steven Spears, Baker Hughes
  • Jonathan Stroud, Unified Patents
  • Lori Unt, Apple
  • Philip Warrick, U.S. Senate
  • Paula Wittmayer, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • David Cavanaugh, WilmerHale (co-moderator)
  • John Whealan, GW Law (co-moderator)