2nd Annual Berkeley-Tsinghua Conference on Transnational IP Litigation

This content-packed program will offer practical insights on trans-Pacific IP litigation, focusing on the US and China. Learn about the latest developments in patent enforcement and the protection of trade secrets. Topics will include: civil, administrative (Section 337) and criminal litigation; strategies for sequencing and synchronizing cases in multiple countries; the impact of trade sanctions; the role of antitrust, including claims involving standards essential patents; patent litigation for pharmaceuticals; China’s new appellate IP courts; choice of law; collecting evidence; hiring experts; and enforcement of judgments.

Paul Hastings Partner, Jeff Pade, will be speaking on the below panel:

Session 2(b): New Approaches to Jurisdiction and Liability

Topics at this session will include China’s e-commerce law, developments in bank liability in the US, trade fair enforcement, and jurisdictional issues.

  • Prof. Richard Buxbaum (Berkeley Law) and Piper Crowell (Nike, Inc.)
  • Prof. Liu Wei (Shanghai Jiaotong University/visiting scholar at Berkeley Law): Ecommerce Law of China and its impact on cross-border enforcement
  • Jeff Pade (Paul Hastings): Extra-territorial reach of Defend Trade Secrets Act as applied to Chinese nationals
  • Liaoteng Wang (East IP): Long arm jurisdiction – is it possible in China
  • Prof. Liu Jiarui (UCSF): Cross-border copyright enforcement
  • Prof. Marketa Trimble (UNLV): Trade fair enforcement
  • Lanier Saperstein (Dorsey): Bank liability for processing of payments to alleged counterfeiters
  • Helen Su (Alston & Bird): Defenses, Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, Forum Non Conveniens Motions