Impact of U.S. Tax Reforms on Lending Transactions

Wednesday, June 27 1:00 PM EDT to 2:00 PM EDT


Paul Hastings invites you to join us Wednesday, June 27th for an informative webinar that will provide insight on how the tax reform could impact both borrowers and lenders in lending transactions. The presentation will be hosted by Finance partner Jennifer Hildebrandt, Tax partner Jim Smulkowski, and Tax associate Amy Lawrence.


  • How could the new limitations on interest deductibility imposed by the tax reform change the structuring and placement of debt?

  • How will the new “dividends received deduction” for foreign dividends impact mandatory prepayment and anti-hoarding provisions?

  • How should permitted tax distribution provisions be analyzed in light of the new reduced corporate tax rate and pass-through deduction for qualified income?

  • What is the “GILTI” tax and why should it be considered when analyzing foreign pledges and collateral?

  • Section 956 remains unchanged, but why may it play a smaller role than before in limiting pledges and guarantees?

  • How does the tax reform impact financial covenants?

For more information, please contact Brianna Davis at briannadavis@paulhastings.com or +1 212.318.6516.

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