InsideCounsel presents its 10th Annual Super Conference

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 - Thursday, May 27, 2010

04:00 AM BST - 04:00 AM BST

Over the course of two days, InsideCounsel magazine comes to life through more than 20 highly interactive sessions providing the corporate legal community with insights and ideas from some of the sharpest minds in law. 

Program Highlights» Fight back against IP theft» Learn innovative ways to defeat plaintiffs damages» Demonstrate your law departments value and build influence» Get the alternative fee arrangement thats right for you» Navigate white collar criminal investigations and prosecution» The role of the general counsel as counselor

Paul Hastings partner Kurt Hansson is a featured panelist on Wednesday, May 26, for the following:"Arbitration Internationally: Are the Customers Happy?"2:00 pm 3:45 pm

Globally, arbitration as a way to settle complex business disputes has come a long way.  Although still the exception in the United States, arbitration continues to grow here, and now offers both choices and expertise not thought possible two decades ago.  In Europe and Elsewhere, where cross-border disputes are common, arbitration continues to be preferred over national courts.  But are in-house lawyers and company executives all that happy with the process, and the results, they are paying for?  Is there a disconnect between the expectations of law firms and their clients?  What do the customers want from arbitration?

For more information and to register, visit the InsideCounsel website.

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