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InsideCounsel's Out of the Shadow of China: A Focus on Southeast Asian Emerging Markets

Wednesday, March 14 05:00 AM BST to 05:00 AM BST

As the world economy limped out of the recession, Southeast Asia has emerged as the rising star of the global market. After decades in the making, economic, political and market factors -- combined with a landscape more focused now than ever on attracting capital and development -- have converged to create a matured environment ripe with opportunity though still fraught with complexity and challenges. Among the Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam are growing faster than others. Foreign investors have been looking to capitalize on revenue opportunities and operational advantages by expanding into this region. With momentum shifting towards Southeast Asia, early movers stand to reap the benefits. Opportunities, however, are not risk-free. Successful market entry and sustaining profitable operations in Southeast Asia require awareness and appreciation for doing business in these emerging markets as well as navigating the legal and compliance challenges unique to each country.

This complimentary webcast will discuss the conditions that have made this region the focus of increased investor attention and the areas of opportunities in the region. Discussions will also include the risks associated with these opportunities, operating models employed, as well as operating conditions when doing business in Southeast Asia. Risk areas for discussion will also include key legal and compliance areas, including corruption matters, third party and business partner diligence, M&A risks, and intellectual property concerns.

Paul Hastings partner Thomas O'Brien is a featured panelist for this webcast at 2:30 pm Eastern.

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