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Keeping its IPO crown - Does Hong Kong have what it takes to remain a key IPO player in Asia?

Thursday, October 03 2:00 PM GMT to 3:00 PM GMT

Hosted by the Financial Services Committee

Global equity markets continue to ride a rollercoaster of extreme highs and lows - the result is increasing volatility for Hong Kong’s IPO market. Despite the market uncertainty and the reduced number and volume of IPOs, the city’s standing as the principal fundraising hub for mainland Chinese companies appears to be strengthening. Hong Kong continues to play a role as the principal offshore listing venue for PRC-based companies and expectations are high that the implementation of the new IPO sponsors regulations may boost investor confidence in HKEx-listed shares.

Experts from the legal and banking arena will discuss the outlook for Hong Kong’s IPO market including:1. The potential impact of new IPO sponsor regulations set for implementation by the SFC on October. Will these new regulations boost confidence or scare investors away?2. Hong Kong lost its crown as top listing venue (by value) last year.  Can it reclaim its title with only a few months left of the year?3. Are HK IPOs seen as a key long-term exit strategy for PE firms?4. Chinese banks appear to be favoring hybrid debt (a mix of equities and debt) as an option for raising funds. Is this alternative means of fund raising likely to continue?5. It would appear Asian markets are falling out of favour with investors. What is in store 2014 and will confidence be restored?

Paul Hastings corporate partner Steven Winegar and Mark D. Hunsaker, Managing Director and General Counsel from Citi, will be discussing upon the potential impact of the new IPO sponsor regulations set for implementation by the SFC and the Hong Kong IPO market outlook at American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

For additional information and to register, visit http://www.amcham.org.hk/events/eventdetail/1007/-/keeping-its-ipo-crown-does-hong-kong-have-what-it-takes-to-remain-a-key-ipo-player-in-asia

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