Managing Corporate Risk in Light of COVID-19

Thursday, May 14 3:00 PM EDT to 4:00 PM EDT


On April 27, The Canadian Centre of Excellence for Anti-Corruption (CCEAC) and Paul Hastings will host a webinar titled “Corporate Risk in Light of COVID-19.” The COVID-19 crisis has shed substantial light on how business risks are considered and integrated into operations. That includes potential adjustments to enterprise risk matrices – particularly those companies might perceive to have high potential impacts but are deemed unlikely to occur – as well as board of director charters. It also includes how companies prepare for and manage risks when they arise, the fragility of supply chains, and potential disconnects between risks identified by public entities and those identified by companies.

This webinar will focus on lessons learned regarding corporate risk management arising from the crisis, and how compliance solutions can help address and mitigate those risks. Speakers will include leading anti-corruption and compliance experts from the CCEAC and Paul Hastings. 

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