Managing Partner MagazineAt the Forefront of Diversity: Advancing, Retaining & Recognizing the LGBT Lawyers of Your Firm

Friday, January 23 06:00 AM BST to 06:00 AM BST

A highly-interactive forum centered on establishing and cultivating your firms efforts to promote LGBT attorneys by adequately addressing the obstacles preventing success in the modern law firm.

Sponsored by Paul Hastings.

January 22, 2009AMA Conference CenterSan Francisco, CA

This forum is designed to help firms:

  • Promote constructive dialogue about diversity and the ways and means to advance diversity goals

  • Cultivate unique business strengths and opportunities by creating a more diverse and inclusive environment in which to practice law

  • Identify the institutional barriers that impede the success of LGBT lawyers and drive attrition rates up

  • Better understand the impact LGBT diversity efforts have on corporate law departments

  • Recognize and relate to personal experiences of what itmeans to be out in the law firm setting

  • Leverage the interplay of your LGBT and Pro Bono initiatives

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