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New York City Bar’s Psychological Issues in the Negotiation and Mediation of Employment Disputes

Tuesday, January 24 6:30 PM EDT to 8:00 PM EDT

New York

We are pleased to announce that Paul Hastings Employment Law partner Stephen Sonnenberg will be speaking at the New York City Bar’s program along with Vivian Berger, Nash Professor of Law Emerita, Columbia Law School; Dina Jansenson, Adjunct Professor, Columbia Law School and NYU School of Law; and Doris G. Traub, Attorney Advocate for Employees, Traub & Traub, P.C.

Employment disputes typically evoke intense emotions on the part of employees and employers. While the negotiation and mediation of such disputes must take into account the facts and the law, parties, advocates and mediators who also recognize and address the emotional issues at play during the course of negotiation vastly increase the opportunities for a successful outcome.

This program will address the role that psychological factors play in the negotiation of employment-related disputes, and the practical steps that advocates and mediators can take to address, neutralize, and harness them during negotiations to lead the parties to resolution.

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