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PLI presents Hot Issues in Securities Laws 2011: Disclosure Documents and Trends

Tuesday, December 13 06:00 AM BST to 06:00 AM BST

Stay current on hot issues affecting public company compliance with its disclosure obligations and developments in securities offerings. Hear from the SEC staff and our faculty on the preparation of periodic and current reporting documents with a focus on current hot issues, best practices and practical pointers. 2011 appears to be headed toward being another eventful year with significant trends, events and uncertainties covering a wide spectrum of matters affecting public companies; including, for example, the Dodd-Frank Act mandated rulemaking by the SEC and other federal agencies and financial regulatory reform; economic, political and regulatory uncertainties and developments; and the continuing convergence towards a global accounting standard. Ethics and whistleblower developments impose even further challenges on both in-house and outside counsel. Attending this conference will allow you to stay on top of developing and/or complex disclosure trends, developments and requirements needed to prepare Exchange Act and Securities Act disclosure documents. Our faculty will discuss key areas of staff comment, staff review priorities and interpretations, disclosure drivers and best practices, and must-know accounting developments.

Paul Hastings partner Thaddeus Malik is a featured panelist at 10:00 am to discuss "Disclosure Developments and Challenges."• Managements Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Operating Results, including liquidity and capital resources, and trends, events and uncertainties• Risk management; risk related disclosures• Controls and procedures• Cybersecurity, Social Media, Regulation FD• Climate change and other SEC disclosure initiatives

For additional information and to register, visit the PLI website here.

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