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PLI's Drafting Corporate Agreements 2009

Thursday, January 15 06:00 AM GMT to 06:00 AM GMT

Scott B. Joachim will be speaking at PLI's program titled "Drafting Corporate Agreements." The program will take place on January 14, 2009 at PLI California Center-San Francisco, CA.


You have an agreement in principle, but now you must reduce it to writing. At Drafting Corporate Agreements 2009, you will learn how to do just that by converting your meeting of the minds into a complete, clearly written enforceable agreement. At this program, our highly experienced faculty will liberate you from a dependency on forms, by teaching you how to identify issues and how to find effective and creative drafting solutions to address those issues. You will gain an understanding of how the provisions of an agreement are connected and where the tough issues usually arise. In addition, you will hear from litigators about how to draft contracts with enforcement in mind. Plus, you will leave with invaluable course materials, including copies of model agreements. This program is essential for practitioners who draft agreements in complex business transactions.

What You Will Learn

  • Fundamental drafting principles common to all corporate agreements

  • Key terms of common transactional agreements and how they are organized

  • When and how to use a letter of intent

  • The intricacies of employment agreements

  • Key structural and drafting considerations in credit agreements and indentures

  • The wide range of M&A agreements, both public and private

  • The importance of boilerplate to the enforcement of contracts from a litigators perspective

  • Ethical issues in drafting corporate agreements

For more information or to register for this program go to http://www.pli.edu/product/seminar_detail.asp?id=47518&t=wsr6_8lfml

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