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PLI's Trade Secrets 2017: What Every Lawyer Should Know

Friday, October 27 10:00 AM EST to 6:00 PM EST

New York City

New technologies and cross-border transactions place valuable secrets at increased risk. Legislatures throughout the world are recognizing that fact and responding with new laws. If you work at or counsel a technology company or any other company that creates or works with trade secrets – which means any company – this course will teach you what you need to know to protect your valuable assets, secure effective remedies for misappropriation and prevent and defend against unfounded claims of misappropriation.

What You Will Learn• Discover a year’s worth of lessons from the Defend Trade Secrets Act: how to bring and defend trade secrets cases—and prevent them altogether• Evaluate the growing range of legal and practical tools available to protect trade secrets and find what can work best for your organization• Realize special trade secrets considerations in different industries, including the financial services (New York) and technology spaces (San Francisco)• Find out the early warning signs of misappropriation• Recognize how to solve trade secrets crises• Learn best practices for protecting trade secrets across borders• Hear a courtside view of trade secrets litigation• Understand the interplay between trade secrets law and patent law, as well as the newest choices for protecting key assets

Friday October 27th at 9:15AMA Primer on Trade Secrets LawEvery business has trade secrets: what will your business do with them?• Sources and requirements of trade secrets law• The patent/trade secrets calculus• Lessons learned from a year living with the Defend Trade Secrets Act• Two sides of the coin: securing trade secrets rights and guarding against successful claims for misappropriation• How do remedies for trade secrets misappropriation compare to other IP remedies?**_Victoria A. Cundiff, Partner, Paul Hastings

_Friday October 27th at 4:00PM**Preventing and Litigating Trade Secrets Disputes that Cross International Borders• Contract considerations: protecting information across borders• Obtaining evidence and inspections in international disputes• Intersections of U.S. and non-U.S. law• ITC proceedings**_Jeff A. Pade, Dean A. Pelletier, Alison L. Plessman

_**PLI New York Center 1177 Avenue of the Americas, (2nd floor), entrance on 45th StreetNew York, New York 10036

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