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Practising Law Institute presents: Employment Discrimination Claims 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 - Wednesday, June 17, 2009

04:00 AM GMT - 04:00 AM GMT

Both the courts and the Congress - to say nothing of state and local legislatures - are constantly adding to, revising and re-inventing the rules governing employment discrimination. Needless to say, this does nothing to diminish either the volume of employment cases being litigated in the courts or the complexity of those cases.

Any attorney who advises or represents employers, employees, labor unions or government at all levels, or who has regulatory or judicial/arbitral/mediator responsibility, must keep abreast of these changes, and must also be aware of cutting-edge developments in litigation strategies. This program has provided attorneys who have a stake in employment litigation with up to the minute, in-depth information for thirty years.

Erika Collins, Partner in Paul Hastings Employment Law department, is a featured panelist on June 15's "Multinational Employment Claims" from 1:45 pm to 2:45 pm. Discussion topics will include:

  • At-will vs. statutory employment

  • Choice of law and jurisdiction

  • Extraterritoriality of employment and labor laws 

  • Impact of state and local laws

PLI's Employment Discrimination Claims 2009June 15 - 16, 2009PLI New York Center810 Seventh Avenue at 53rd Street (21st floor)New York, New York 10019(212) 824-5733

Live Webcast: simultaneous live webcast of the New York session is available for individual viewing. Contact the Groupcasts Department via email at groupcasts@pli.edu for more details.

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