Privacy Shield: Five Steps to Certify by the 9/30 Deadline Webinar

Thursday, August 18 2:00 PM EDT to 3:00 PM EDT


While many companies have jumped on implementing Model Contracts and Binding Corporate Rules (especially since the invalidation of Safe Harbor), some companies are getting behind the Privacy Shield. Join Berkeley Center for Law & Technology and Paul Hastings, and dial-in to this one-hour webinar to:

  • Hear about creative new global data transfer trends, and how other companies are planning to use Privacy Shield as part of their global strategy.

  • Understand the current and future legal status of the Privacy Shield in Europe.

  • Learn five ways Privacy Shield differs from Safe Harbor, and five simple steps to take to certify under Privacy Shield.

It is important to act quickly. Companies that certify to Privacy Shield by September 30 will be given an extended period to bring their contracts with third parties into compliance. After that date, compliance will be required from Day One. 

RSVPby Wednesday, August 17, 2016Dial-in information will be provided upon RSVP confirmationCONTACTLisa Silvermanlisasilverman@paulhastings.com+1.212.318.6755

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