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Stafford Publications presents a teleconference: A Roadmap to Emerging Financing Alternatives Leveraging Opportunities in Rights Offerings, Registered Directs, and More

Friday, June 19 04:00 AM BST to 04:00 AM BST

Stafford Publications presents a 90-minute CLE teleconference with Q&A: A Roadmap to Emerging Financing Alternatives Leveraging Opportunities in Rights Offerings, Registered Directs, and More

Jeff Hartlin, a Partner in Paul Hastings Corporate department, is a featured speaker.

This seminar will discuss emerging and shifting trends in capital-raising strategies, analyze emerging financing structures, and evaluate the financing opportunities for issuers, investors, shareholders and investment banks.

Capital markets are virtually closed to traditional underwritten offerings, and free-flowing credit is a thing of the past. Companies looking for capital to reduce debt, make critical investments, and fund working capital needs are looking at some new and emerging financing alternatives.

PIPES, RDOs and ATMs, once a staple for small and mid-cap companies, have found their way into the mainstream. Rights offerings, long popular in the European markets, are touted as the new PIPE as hedge funds and private equity investors take a closer look at this structure.

Counsel must evaluate the benefits and risks of these emerging financing structures. These structures not only offer issuers flexibility and opportunities in a turbulent market, they also provide unique advantages for shareholders and institutional investors alike.

Listen as our authoritative panel of corporate finance attorneys discusses emerging trends in raising capital and offers strategies for issuers, shareholders, and institutional investors to take advantage of the opportunities.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Emerging Financing Alternatives


  • Wall Crossing Transactions

  • Registered directs (RDOs)

  • At-the-market (ATMs)

  • Rights Offerings

  • Strategies and Opportunities

  • Issuers

  • Investors

  • Shareholders

  • Investment banks

  • Placement agents

The panel will review these and other key questions:

  • Which capital-raising structures are best suited for distressed companies needing cash quickly?Why are investors demanding and getting more onerous terms in PIPEs?What key structural decisions make a rights offering more attractive to shareholders?What advantages do RDOs provide over PIPEs for both issuers and investors?

Now available on CD/DVD at Stafford Publications.

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