Virtual Roundtable Series: Compliance and Enforcement Risks Between East and West in 2020

Wednesday, July 01 10:00 PM EDT to 11:00 PM EDT


The COVID-19 crisis has dramatically affected economies around the world, and has seemingly accelerated fundamental changes in the economic, legal, and geopolitical relationships between the US, Southeast Asia, China, and Europe.

Join experts from Rajah & Tann and Paul Hastings for an online interactive compliance conference, examining the international compliance and enforcement ramifications of the COVID crisis shifting East-West geopolitical landscape, and the ramifications for Singaporean, US, European, and Asian companies doing business around the world.

Topics discussed will include:

  • Legal, economic, and geopolitical landscape shaping economic relations between the US, Singapore, and Southeast Asia, China, and Europe,

  • US, European, and Asian expectations for anti-corruption, economic sanctions, and human rights compliance programs; practical tips for compliance programs in the COVID-affected business environment, and

  • Recent enforcement trends and expectations for the future.

These sessions will be interactive discussions over the internet intended to foster discussion across our global audience, located across Singapore and Southeast Asia, the United States and Europe.

The following lawyers from Rajah & Tann Singapore will be participating:

  • Hamidul Haq;

  • Thong Chee Kun;

  • Danny Ong;

  • Sheila Ng; and

  • Josephine Chee.

Paul Hastings partners Nicola Bonucci (former OECD legal director), Tom BestMatt HerringtonJon DrimmerSimon AireyShaun Wu, and Randall Johnston will participate from Paul Hastings in the EU, UK, China, and United States.

To reach our global audience in Asia, the US, and Europe we will be running two sessions for this first installment:

  • Thursday July 2 at 9am in Singapore, Hong Kong, and China / Wednesday July 1 at 9pm US Eastern / 6pm US Pacific; and

  • Tuesday July 14 at 9am US Eastern time, 2pm UK, 3pm CET, and 9pm in Singapore, Hong Kong, and China.

We invite our guests to register for the session that best fits their schedule.

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