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May 23, 2010

Nancy Abell, Stephen Berry, Barbara Brown, [Paul Cane, Jr.](http://www.paulhastings.com/professionals/details/paulcane)**, [Paul Grossman](https://www.paulhastings.com/professionals), [Geoff Weirich](https://www.paulhastings.com/professionals), [Kirby Wilcox](https://www.paulhastings.com/professionals) , and [Jeffrey Wohl**](https://www.paulhastings.com/professionals) have been recognized by Legal Media Group as leading experts in the Labor and Employment field.


Image: Stephen L. Berry
Stephen L. Berry

Senior Counsel, Employment Law Department

Image: Paul Grossman
Paul Grossman

Partner, Employment Law Department

Image: Jeffrey D. Wohl
Jeffrey D. Wohl

Partner, Employment Law Department

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Employment Law

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