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Recognized by the Daily Journal’s as Top Labor and Employment Lawyers for 2015

June 03, 2015

Nancy Abell, Leslie Abbott, Elena Baca, Paul Cane, Stephen Harris, Donna Melby, and Jeffrey Wohl were recognized by the Daily Journal in its Top Labor and Employment list for 2015, which honored California’s top labor and employment lawyers. Paul Hastings received more individual rankings than any other firm.


Image: Leslie L. Abbott
Leslie L. Abbott

Partner, Employment Law Department

Image: Donna Marie Melby
Donna Marie Melby

Partner, Litigation and Employment Law Departments

Image: Paul W. Cane Jr.
Paul W. Cane Jr.

Senior Counsel, Employment Law Department

Image: Nancy L. Abell
Nancy L. Abell

Partner, Employment Law Department

Image: Elena R. Baca
Elena R. Baca

Partner, Employment Law Department

Image: Jeffrey D. Wohl
Jeffrey D. Wohl

Partner, Employment Law Department

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