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Asset-Based Lending: A Practical Guide to Secured Financing

September 21, 2015

By John F. Hilson and Katherine Bell

Asset-Based Lending: A Practical Guide to Secured Financing provides step-by-step coverage of the current techniques, documents, risks, and protections at the heart of this complex specialty. This hands-on resource clearly:

  • explains the features, uses, mechanics, and upsides and downsides of every available secured financing technique

  • covers the asset categories, including accounts receivable, inventory, and equipment and fixture financing, and

  • instructs you on how to draft the full range of pertinent documents, with the aid of checklists and ready-to-use sample provisions and agreements.

Asset-Based Lending also guides you on how to:

  • accurately assess a borrower’s solvency before initiating a deal;

  • plan for bankruptcy risks when analyzing secured loans;

  • resolve conflicts between lead lenders and loan participants; and

  • reduce lenders’ liability exposure to environmental, securities, and tax laws.

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