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China Matters: Strengthening Your Compliance Program in China through Employment Building Blocks - From Onboarding to Termination

December 01, 2011

Lesli Ligorner & Ananda Martin

The link between employment and anticorruption compliance is direct, and this newsletter highlights the distinctive aspects of PRC employment law that impact actions employers should take with new hires to bolster adherence to your company's anticorruption policy to the likelihood of being able to conduct an effective and successful internal investigation to dealing with terminations of employment for violations of your anticorruption policy. At the end of the newsletter is a link to the recording of the program entitled "Strengthening Your China Compliance Program Through Employment Building Blocks" given by Shanghai-based partner K. Lesli Ligorner on September 9 China time/September 8 US time for the China Committee and the International Anticorruption Committee of the ABA.

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