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Comprehensive Federal Legislation to Regulate Greenhouse Emissions

January 01, 2009

Tom Mounteer

A few weeks before the 2008 presidential election, Tom Mounteer and his Paul Hastings colleagues submitted a manuscript that ELI published this past July as the Climate Change Deskbook. In a book jacket testimonial, Prof. Arnold Reitze of the University of Utah College of Law wrote of the Deskbook, Hopefully it will be the first of many editions that will be needed as the field expands and matures. Certainly there has been much maturation since the presidential election of 2008, including the House of Representatives passage of a comprehensive bill. This Article is a first effort to take up Professor Reitzes challenge to update the Deskbook to reflect developments since its publication just a few months ago. It serves as replacement text for Section 3.3 of the Deskbook. Tempting fate, the authors completed the manuscript that became this Article before Congress returned from its August recess and before a comprehensive bill was introduced in the Senate. Professor Reitzes challenge, no doubt, endures.

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