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Top Trends for Media and Entertainment Dealmakers

April 18, 2016

By The Technology, Media, Entertainment, and Telecommunications team

The entertainment and media industry is in the early stages of a dramatic transformation that will create significant opportunities for buyers, sellers, investors, and other participants in the sector. Following are our partners’ perspectives on the major trends for dealmakers to follow during this time of change.

The expanding number of platforms, the price of high-quality content, and the emergence of new content creators have all accelerated in the last few years.

The rise of the Chinese consumer class and its increased demand for entertainment and media products have led to a substantial pickup in the volume of cross-border deals.

Many Chinese companies view investments in, and partnerships with, U.S. companies as opportunities to access valuable intellectual property, whether to further exploit it in China or learn more about U.S. technology platforms and production and distribution methods.

Changes in FCC policies will create new opportunities for U.S. and foreign investors looking to monetize entertainment assets or increase their stake in such assets.

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