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September 12, 2017

Susan Clarke, Director, Compensation & Benefits

During the past 28 years, I’ve supported our PH family to save money, to design successful retirements, to use the myriad of benefits offered by PH, to assist with the establishment of the Firm’s business continuity plans, and to build and manage our compensation programs.  Along the way, I used the Firm’s many programs to maximize my pre-tax savings (retirement plan, HSA, pre-tax transit, as examples) because I knew my time to retire would come eventually and it has: I am retiring in October 2017.  I will be playing with my new grandson, visiting family and friends, exploring the great outdoors, volunteering, and finding new adventures.
My job has been extremely fulfilling, but I will miss the people at PH the most.  From the named partners who roamed the halls when I arrived in 1989, to the new class of associates who join us annually, to everyone who is or ever was in our administrative departments, I am blessed to have been a part of the fabric of your lives.  My gratitude goes especially to Ethan Lipsig for hiring and mentoring me, improving my communications by redlining every document I’ve ever given him, listening to my suggestions, and providing unwavering support and friendship.
Please join me in welcoming Jeff Ciampa to PH as our new Director, Compensation and Benefits.  Beginning October 1, Jeff will assume the role of editor for the monthly Benefits Bulletin.

If you want to hike or bike or grab a coffee and reminisce, contact me!  There is too much to do and see to not share our paths.

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