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How Will the New Tax Law Affect You?

December 26, 2017

Payroll Team

The new tax law passed by Congress contains many changes to the way that your personal income taxes will be calculated.

Many of those changes won't be visible to you until next year when you file your 2018 tax return.

The IRS has published a tax calculator to help you to:

  • Estimate your 2018 federal tax liability with the tax law changes

  • Determine whether your current W-4 withholding elections could result in under withheld federal taxes.

To get an accurate result from the calculator, we have published a Checklist to assist you in gathering the information you'll need.

The amounts provided by the IRS Federal Tax Withholding Calculator are an estimate; a Tax advisor may be able to provide you with more accurate figures.

If you need to increase the amount of federal tax withheld, please log into the ADP Self-Service Portal and under the 'Pay & Taxes' tab, select 'Tax Withholding' and 'Federal' and enter an additional amount.

If you have questions, please email: payroll@paulhastings.com

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