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Pros and Cons of Herbal Remedies

July 13, 2017

By Megan Gaiser, Benefits Analyst & Kimberley Kwan, Benefits Intern

Many of us are becoming more health conscious and beginning to use herbal remedies instead of over-the-counter or prescription drugs. Herbal remedies are easier to obtain and generally pose fewer health risks to the body. These natural remedies can be used to treat a multitude of health problems, from headaches to depression. If you are interested in making the switch to herbal medicine,

 on the top 10 medicinal herbs and their uses.

But, be sure to not mix your herbal supplements with certain prescription medication. Many of us take prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, or herbal supplements, but only a few are aware of the dangers of mixing these natural formulations with certain prescription medication. To avoid adverse effects,

to read an article on common drug interactions of Herbal Supplements and Prescription Medications.

The next time you decide to mix your herbal supplements with prescription medication, check its effects by using the


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