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FCC to Auction Spectrum in Upper and Lower 700 MHz Bands

April 01, 2002

Carl Northrop & Christine Crowe

The Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to conduct auctions for both Upper Band and Lower Band 700 MHz spectrum in June, 2002. The Lower Band of 700 MHz resides between 698 MHz and 746 MHz; the Upper Band is between 746 and 794 MHz. The FCC will permit a broad range of uses for both the Upper and Lower Bands, reflecting the Commission’s trend toward adopting flexible rules so that market forces, rather than regulatory fiat, determine the best uses of spectrum. The Upper Band may be used for commercial services, including fixed, mobile, next generation mobile, high speed internet access, and certain broadcast services. The Lower Band may be used for fixed, mobile, and certain broadcast uses, including mobile and other digital new broadcast operations, fixed and mobile wireless commercial services, and for private internal radio needs.

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