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Growth in a New Era

February 02, 2021

Global events and market shifts create new uncertainties and risks, but also growth opportunities for those able to re-imagine what's possible. Companies must evolve quickly and strategically to stay ahead. In these times of change, Paul Hastings' purpose remains clear: to help our clients and our people navigate new paths to growth; to uncover opportunities, create and protect value, and nimbly manage risk in a continually fluctuating marketplace; and to find new ways to create greater efficiencies and leverage technology.

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How are new business models influencing capital raising? What new funding options should companies consider? We help uncover the opportunities and alternatives for raising capital in domestic and cross-border markets.


In this time of hyper-mobility, how can companies hold onto their top asset—their people? To attract, and keep, today’s brightest talent, we understand that companies must not only adapt their strategy, but sometimes adjust the way their business is structured.


As digital disruptors tear up the business playbook and redraw industry sectors, how can established and emerging companies alike chart a bold new path to growth? We understand the opportunities and risks in today’s increasingly digital world, as well as the critical issues raised by Big Data.


How can companies make finding innovative approaches to social and environmental challenges integral to their purpose and bottom line? We partner with clients on business strategies that both generate attractive financial returns and have a positive impact on the world.


How can companies deliver the ever-greater returns the market demands, while enacting the sound governance, transparency and accountability that investors expect? We help our clients design sophisticated corporate governance strategies that support ambitious growth while minimizing risk.

Privacy Cybersecurity

How do you know if you have the right strategies in place to protect your company? We understand the complex matrix of technical, political, legal, and regulatory challenges to cybersecurity facing today's corporations.


How can companies innovate successfully to secure profitable growth? Does this always mean a shift in business models? In today's demanding, internationally fluid marketplace, we know that astute innovation is critical to competitive advantage.

Intellectual Property

How should companies handle global IP strategies as part of their corporate planning? We view intellectual property as the gold dust of modern commerce. Its possession and protection is critical in today's global business world.


As regulatory remits become increasingly mutable, and the lines between jurisdictions blur, how do companies navigate and clear new regulatory hurdles? Our lawyers are well versed in helping companies handle the competing demands of international regulators.

Corporate Responsibility

How can companies gain a competitive advantage by making corporate responsibility integral to their purpose and their bottom line? At Paul Hastings, we understand that corporate responsibility isn't just the right thing to do. It's smart business.

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