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Michael Fitzgerald

March 06, 2017

By Paul Hastings Professional

Michael Fitzgerald

In recent years Mexico has enjoyed the healthiest economy in Latin America, with a GDP growth rate higher than the U.S., a middle class that is developing at a historic rate, and a good degree of political stability.

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In addition to massive investment expected to flow into the energy industry, the creation of the REIT structure in Mexico revolutionized real estate investment. Mexico has produced some of the world’s largest real estate companies in just six years since REITs were introduced. Whether it be real estate, consumer goods for Mexico’s burgeoning middle class, or the fast-growing aerospace and automotive industries, Mexico may now be the world’s most attractive emerging market for international investment. Nevertheless, many economic challenges remain. Global uncertainties have led to plummeting oil prices, and many companies have been hit by the sharp devaluation in the Mexico peso versus the U.S. dollar. With both commodity prices and currency rates remaining volatile, Mexican companies, together with their advisors, must be ready to react to these rapidly changing circumstances.

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