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Adapting a Quality Risk Management Program and Creating a Dashboard for Effective Risk-Based Monitoring

Thursday, December 10 09:45 AM EDT to 4:45 PM EDT

Virtual Workshop

Global life sciences organizations grapple every day with enormous risks (including bribery, corruption, and fraud related to HCPs, HCOs, and their supply chains more broadly), as evidenced by continued investigations and resolutions between companies and government regulators globally. Risk management and mitigation programs are a hallmark of effective compliance programs at life sciences companies. Just as COVID-19 has significantly impacted the life sciences industry on many fronts, so has the risk assessment approach and mitigation approach. This workshop will discuss evolving strategies to identify and assess known and novel risk factors as we rise to meet today's world's challenges.

On December 10, 2020, the Global Chair of the Paul Hastings Life Sciences Department, Gary Giampetruzzi, will participate in this virtual workshop. This workshop will examine best-in-class in compliance risk monitoring and management techniques for both small and large companies fit for the virtual environment using accessible, impactful technologies (such as integrating data analytics into your risk management program) to heighten insights surrounding commercial and medical interactions with customers, patients, and other third parties. When field-based monitoring activities are increasingly constrained, gaining access to these insights through efficient use of advanced technology has never been more critical for compliance executives.

For more information and to register, click here to visit the training website.

Personnel in the Following Environments Should Attend:

  • Compliance and Ethics

  • Compliance and Monitoring

  • Legal/Counsel

  • Internal Audit

  • Risk Management

  • Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption

  • Third Party

  • Data Analytics

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