Defamation And Non-Disparagement In The Workplace

Thursday, July 01 1:00 PM EDT to 2:00 PM EDT

Defamation claims are experiencing a new “Golden Age” as the current legal climate exalts critical speech, risks ruined reputations, and carries potentially severe economic consequences. This webinar will cover defamation and non-disparagement claims from an employer’s perspective, highlighting common pitfalls, and recommended cures.

Specific content includes:

  • Employer defenses and defamation privileges, including California’s A.B. 2770
  • Interplay of defamation and disparagement causes of action
  • Social media and Section 7 protections for employee speech
  • Anti-SLAPP jurisprudence, including New York’s recently expanded statute
  • Effectively drafting settlement agreements with non-disparagement provisions

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