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FT - Paul Hastings Series Tomorrow's Global Business Series: China's Champions in the New Global Economy

Wednesday, June 22 09:00 AM CST to 11:45 AM CST


Chinese companies are emerging as global innovators and disruptors, using technology, capital and a strong entrepreneurial appetite to leapfrog more established rivals in international markets. These new leaders are not only changing traditional models of commerce, consumption and communication; they are challenging our understanding of what global business may look like in the future.

Notwithstanding recent market volatility, many of these global champions are continuing to pursue opportunities to expand brand assets and intellectual property abroad. And they are now being followed by new entrants that are securing funding and scaling their businesses to provide high quality, innovative products and services more efficiently and with far less capital investment.

But China itself is changing in a dramatic way. The economy is slowing down and shifting from an export-oriented industrial model to a consumer-focused domestic one. How will this shift, currently accompanied by a devaluation of the renminbi, affect the global ambitions and competitiveness of China’s innovators and disruptors, both incumbent and incoming?

This fascinating juncture in China’s evolving role in the new global economy, and its impact on business models and investment, will be the focus of the third in a series of strategic forums being organized around the world by Paul Hastings and the Financial Times, looking at Tomorrow’s Global Business.

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9:00 am 

Registration and Networking

9:30 am 

Opening RemarksSpeakers: Raymond Li, Paul Hastings and Tom Mitchell, Financial Times

9:40 am 

Case StudySpeaker: Zhou Zi Chew, Xiaomi

9:50 am 

Panel: China's Global Champions_Speakers: Patrick Zhong of Fosun Group, Zhou Zi Chew of Xiaomi, and Scott Flicker of Paul Hastings


  • How are China’s global champions positioning themselves for future growth?

  • In which sectors and regions are the next big opportunities? Where will the next wave of disruption originate?

  • How will investment strategies and business models change as a result?

  • How will China’s transition to a consumer-focused economy affect Chinese companies’ global ambitions and competitiveness?

  • How is innovation integrated into their everyday business?

  • To what extent has innovation been supported by Chinese regulation?

  • How will China’s domestic regulations and its influence over the international regulatory environment evolve to support greater outward investment?

  • How are they evolving their business models to overcome cultural orregulatory challenges posed by competitive international markets?

  • How do they interact with their international counterparts? Is acquisition or joint ventures favoured over organic growth in global markets?

10:50 am

Investing Globally and Financing GrowthSpeakers: Jixun Foo of GGV Capital, Kenneth Koo of Citi Orient Securities, Lihong Wang of Bain Capital, Johnny Zhang of Ping An Trust, and Vivian Lam of Paul Hastings

  • How is the current market volatility changing the way Chinese companies seek to raise capital for outbound investment? What are the sources of capital that will drive growth?

  • Will Chinese companies turn away from public stock markets and rely more on private financing? What impact will this have on their growth model?

  • How does the devaluation and internationalisation of the renminbi affectChinese investment and competitiveness abroad?

  • How will China’s domestic regulations and its influence over the international regulatory environment evolve to support greater outward investment?

  • How, and where, will Chinese investors be most successful?

  • Which sectors and markets offer the most attractive investment opportunities and long-term growth?

  • From an international perspective, what are the prospects for alternativeasset classes like real estate?

  • Whether investing or financing internationally what are the key issues,regulatory, legal, cultural or otherwise, to overcome?

  • What are the best options for structuring outbound investment and its related financing?

11:50 am 

Closing Remarks 

12:00 noon 

Networking Lunch


Shou Zi ChewChief Financial OfficerXiaomi

Clark XuManaging DirectorChina Media Capital

Jixun FooManaging PartnerGGV Capital

Patrick ZhongSenior Managing Directorand Head of Global Investments & StrategiesFosun

Kenneth KooDeputy General Manager & Citi Chief RepresentativeCiti Orient Securities

Lihong WangManaging DirectorBain CapitalPrivate Equity

Johnny ZhangGeneral Manger, Real Estate Investment DepartmentPing An Trust

Tom MitchellBeijing Bureau ChiefFinancial Times

Vivian LamPartnerPaul Hastings


Raymond LiPartnerPaul Hastings

Scott FlickerPartnerPaul Hastings  

Key Themes

This event will gather senior executives and legal counsel from corporates and investment firms to discuss the following topics:

  • How are China’s current global leaders positioning themselves in the new domestic and international economy? Who are the key new entrants? What sectors will produce China’s future domestic and global champions? Where will the next wave of disruption originate?

  • How will investment strategies and business models change as a result, and how will this affect the way Chinese companies interact with their international counterparts?

  • As more Chinese players develop into established global leaders, how are they evolving to overcome cultural or regulatory challenges posed by competitive international markets?

  • What are the key challenges facing Chinese companies raising capital for outbound investment? What impact will this have on their growth models?

  • How is China supporting innovation to drive economic development? How will both China’s domestic regulation and its influence over international regulation evolve to support greater cross-border investment?   


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