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Houlihan Lokey's 2017 Illiquid Financial Assets Conference

Thursday, March 09 07:30 AM EST to 2:15 PM EST

New York

Houlihan Lokey will host its annual Illiquid Financial Assets Conference on Thursday, March 9, 2017, at The Westin New York Grand Central. This complimentary, single-day day conference will provide an excellent opportunity to network and develop relationships with key players in this dynamic space.Are Happy Days Here Again or Is the Bull Market Topping Out?

What a difference a year makes! Just a year ago with commodity prices collapsing, the high-yield bond market faltering, and emerging markets tanking, liquidity was fleeing the system and the overall investment environment looked grim. An increasingly broad swathe of financial assets appeared to fall in the illiquid category, opening up big challenges but creating equally big investment opportunities.

Over the course of 2016, this dynamic reversed itself. Liquidity returned to many markets, fractured sectors healed, and potentially interesting investment opportunities evaporated. As the year wore on, the early 2016 reversal only gained momentum. Now, with securities markets basking in the glow of a business-friendly Trump administration, the financial markets appear to be entering a manic phase.

Can it last? Is this for real? Are we witnessing a true secular shift in investment mindsets due to the new political winds in Washington or are we simply experiencing the final stages of a prolonged bull market? And what does the changing political environment mean for illiquid financial assets? De-regulation might be great for the Street, but it may chill opportunities in the illiquid financial assets markets. Dodd-Frank and the Volker rule catalyzed the Great Divestment of 2010-2016 and fostered growth in the markets for illiquid assets. Will a more friendly regulatory environment suppress what had appeared to be a secular shift in asset flows?

What everyone wants to know

  • What are the most sought-after categories of illiquid financial assets? How are they priced?

  • What are the sizes of these markets? Who are the buyers?

  • What are the returns expected from these assets? What is the tenor of these investments?

  • Are these assets correlated to the liquid securities markets?

  • How do you create enterprise value around illiquid assets?

  • Where do illiquid assets begin and specialty finance end?

  • What are the fundamental distinctions among investments in limited partnerships, patents, structured settlements, royalties, non-performing debt, litigation claims, trade receivables, tax liens, and structured credit?

This conference will provide perspective on these topics and potential answers to these questions. Buyers and sellers, industry specialists, and market experts will be among the presenters and attendees.

Paul Hastings' Samuel Waxman will participate on the Intellectual Property Panel - Accessing the Untapped Value of IP. What is the hidden value of patent portfolios? Is this just a tech phenomenon? Is there an investable opportunity? What role do patent trolls play in the sector? Are they a risk or enabler of liquidity?

Venue:The Westin New York Grand Central212 East 42nd StreetNew York, NY 10017

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