Current International Arbitration Practice and Challenges for Japanese Corporations (International Arbitration Practice Workshop Series – Part 2)

Tuesday, April 20 9:30 PM EDT to 11:00 PM EDT

In our first webinar (held on March 3, 2021), we discussed the current international arbitration practice in Japan and the pros and cons of using international arbitration as opposed to litigation in the United States. In this second webinar, we will have a panel discussion on the following topics and answer many questions including the ones that we were unable to answer previously due to time constraints.


  • Panel Discussion
    • Document Exchange
      • International Arbitration and U.S. Litigation
      • Civil Law and Common Law
    • Witness Examination
      • What is cross-examination?
      • How to prepare for witness examination
  • Q&As
    • Selecting the seat of arbitration
    • How to use international arbitration for different kinds of disputes (cases requiring technical expertise or cases involving confidential matters, etc.)
    • Overview of key elements when drafting an arbitration clause

The webinar will be co-sponsored by Paul Hastings and Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI). The following panelists will have a live panel discussion. The event will be held in Japanese, and English will be translated as appropriate. No registration fee is required.

  • Masato Dogauchi, Professor of Law at Waseda University, Professor Emeritus of Law at the University of Tokyo, Attorney-at-law, Chief Arbitration and Mediation Officer of the Japan Commercial Arbitration Association
  • Joseph R. Profaizer, Global Head of Paul Hastings’ International Arbitration Practice, Partner of Paul Hastings’ Washington, D.C. office, Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center
  • Eric W. Dittmann, Global Vice Chair of Paul Hastings’ Intellectual Property Practice, Partner of Paul Hastings’ New York office
  • Sachiko Taniguchi, Senior Associate of Paul Hastings’ Washington, D.C. office (Moderator)

Practice Areas

International Arbitration

Intellectual Property


Image: Joseph R. Profaizer
Joseph R. Profaizer

Partner, Litigation Department

Image: Eric W. Dittmann
Eric W. Dittmann

Partner, Litigation Department

Image: Sachiko Taniguchi
Sachiko Taniguchi

Associate, Litigation Department

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