Hosted Event

Los Angeles MCLE Event

Thursday, January 18 08:30 AM PST to 4:00 PM PST

Los Angeles, CA

515 South Flower Street

Los Angeles

Please join us for a complimentary, all-day MCLE seminar on Thursday, January 18, 2018. We will focus on updates in California law and other hot topics.

The seminar will provide up to 6 hours of MCLE credit, including 2 hours of Ethics, 1 hour of Elimination of Bias, and 1 hour of Competence Issues.


Competence Issues: Recognizing and dealing with mental and physical issues, including mental illness, substance abuse, and dementia, that may affect an attorney’s ability to practice law

Speakers: Leslie Abbott, Derek Roth

Ethics: Ethical considerations regarding litigation matters and investigations

Speakers: Tom Zaccaro, Nick Morgan

Ethics: Ethical considerations regarding transactional matters

Speakers: Siobhan Burke, David Hernand, Phil Feder

Elimination of Bias: Responding to sexual harassment allegations

Speakers: Felicia Davis, Ryan Derry

General Practice: Employee mobility, theft of trade secrets, acquisition due diligence, and U.S. government enforcement

Speakers: Bradford Newman, Thomas O’Brien, Ron Ben-Yehuda

General Practice: Addressing the Trump Administration’s proposed Tax Reform Plan

Speakers: Michael Haun, _**Kenneth Krug

**_For more information, contact Courtney Manning at courtneymanning@paulhastings.com

Practice Areas




Real Estate

Employment Law


Image: Felicia A. Davis
Felicia A. Davis

Partner, Employment Law Department

Image: Leslie L. Abbott
Leslie L. Abbott

Partner, Employment Law Department

Image: Ron Ben-Yehuda
Ron Ben-Yehuda

Of Counsel, Corporate Department

Image: David M. Hernand
David M. Hernand

Partner, Corporate Department

Image: Derek V. Roth
Derek V. Roth

Partner, Real Estate Department

Image: Ryan D. Derry
Ryan D. Derry

Partner, Employment Law Department

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