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Picking Your Poison: Various Settlement Options with the DOJ and SEC, the UK SFO and the World Bank

Thursday, May 23 7:00 PM BST to 10:00 PM BST

ABA Section of International LawInternational Anti-Corruption Committee

Thursday, May 23, 201312:00 PM - 2:00 PM US EDT 

Government agencies and multilateral financial institutions have devised various creative mechanisms to settle allegations of corruption against corporations, and these mechanisms have evolved in recent years. 

The ABA presents a discussion to examine recent settlements of corruption allegations in the US and UK and by multilateral financial institutions like the World Bank. We will consider settlement agreements with the DOJ or SEC that have required the appointment of a monitor or the more recent trend of requiring the defendant company to conduct a “self-monitorship.” We will discuss the United Kingdom’s new legislation introducing the concept of deferred prosecution agreements in the UK. We will review recent World Bank settlements and the Bank’s view of Negotiated Resolution Agreements. We will discuss the enhanced compliance undertakings that have been required in some cases and the advantages and disadvantages to companies of the various types of settlements. We also will consider how companies not facing enforcement actions can use these settlements to “read the tea leaves” and divine current government expectations regarding best practices in the area of anti-corruption compliance.

Paul Hastings partners Nathaniel Edmonds and Corinne Lammers are a featured panelist and moderator, respectively.

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Image: Nathaniel B. Edmonds
Nathaniel B. Edmonds

Partner, Litigation Department

Image: Corinne A. Lammers
Corinne A. Lammers

Partner, Litigation Department

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