Reducing Legal Risks in the Sales & Marketing of Medical Devices

Wednesday, April 09, 2014 - Wednesday, April 09, 2014
12:00 am London - 01:00 am London

In an era of continued scrutiny, there is one place where you can learn how to reduce the risk of massive fines, litigation costs, clinical trial site shutdowns, misconduct charges, guilty pleas, negative publicity and more - ACI’s 14th National Summit on Reducing Legal Risks in the Sales and Marketing of Medical Devices.

This annual conference will enable you to reshape your compliance programs to reflect recent legislation and changes in enforcement priorities and to develop corporate policies that protect against future fraud claims. Never before have device companies been so pressured by issues arising simultaneously on the state, national and international level. At this uniquely trying time, day-to-day activities can become the focus of inquiries by members of Congress, investigations by federal and/or state prosecutors, and whistleblower claims.

Paul Hastings partner Gary Giampetruzzi is a featured panelist during this conference.

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Image: Gary F. Giampetruzzi
Gary F. Giampetruzzi
Partner, Litigation Department