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Securities Law in 2014: Fraud-on-the-Market Theory Demystified

Tuesday, July 01 4:00 PM BST to 6:00 PM BST

Howard Privette, Securities Litigation partner at Paul Hastings, will be event Chair and Moderator at The Knowledge Group's live webcast on the topic of “Securities Law in 2014: Fraud-on-the-Market Theory Demystified.” This course will dissect the Supreme Court’s anticipated decision in the Halliburton II case and provide a detailed analysis of its impact on the future of private securities class actions and on the Fraud-on-the-Market Theory.

During this live webcast, the following topics will be addressed:

  • 2014 Fraud-on-the-market theory: an overview

  • Recent related cases and lessons learned

  • Significant trends, issues and impacts

  • Compliance and best practices

  • Up-to-minute regulatory updates

When:July 1, 201412:00 pm - 2:00 pm (ET)

Registration is FREE courtesy of Paul Hastings.

For additional information, visit The Knowledge Group site.

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