The Impact of Proposed Changes in Cannabis Regulation on Banking and Corporate Transactions

Tuesday, April 20 12:30 PM EST to 01:30 AM EST


While the legal cannabis market has prospered into a multi-billion dollar industry, businesses in this market still face significant challenges when they seek to obtain financial services. Ongoing conflicts between state and federal laws have largely prevented banks and credit unions from offering their services to marijuana-related businesses without significant regulatory challenges. However, these burdens are expected to soon change.

Join us for a webinar on cannabis banking reform and corporate transactions in 2021.

Topics include:

  • Developments to date:
    • States’ actions to de-criminalize / legalize
    • Federal actions to address states’ actions – DOJ and FinCEN
  • Practical impact of current ambiguities and proposed changes on banking, financing structures, and corporate transactions
  • Proposed federal legislative changes

This event has concluded. To view the recording, please click here.


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Chris Daniel

Partner, Corporate Department

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