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COVID-19 Global Payroll Costs Reduction Analysis – Second Edition

April 09, 2020

Paul Hastings International Employment Practice

In response to the overwhelmingly positive client and partner feedback, we now attach the ‘Second Edition – Paul Hastings International Employment Guide - COVID-19 Global Payroll Costs Reduction Analysis’ covering 54 jurisdictions, including the United States at a Federal level only. It continues to offer jurisdiction-specific thoughts and suggestions from us and a selection of our extensive local counsel network on how to reduce payroll costs as quickly as possible, understand and utilise available government grants, loans and subsidies for their employees, be cognisant of the restrictions that may attach to accepting those monies and have an eye to new laws that may prevent them from making reductions in force or economic dismissals. The expanded edition now covers more jurisdictions of particular note to clients, and secondly, provides an update on the latest government announcements since 2 April 2020 for those working on this challenge now.

Click here to read the analysis.

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