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Update on Funds

December 13, 2020

By Paul Hastings Professional

Update on Funds: Opportunities for Growth

As asset managers and alternative lenders seek to advance transactions, what are the trends and developments opening up new opportunities? How can our clients best pursue their objectives while managing risk? Hear from our partners on the issues to follow—and actions to take—in the second half of 2018 and beyond.

Alternative Lending and Private Credit: Preparing for Special Situations

What are the top issues facing asset managers in the U.S. and Europe? Bill Brady and Diala Minott discuss the critical actions asset managers should take now, the value of transatlantic experience, and how to be prepared when special situations arise.

Real Estate Funds: The Challenge of a Record-Breaking Market

A record-breaking market for real estate funds creates challenges as well as opportunities. Philip Feder and Robert Keane discuss the #1 stay-awake issue for fund managers, as well as the key developments investors should watch for.

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